Nicole Scott Smith

Nicole Scott Smith


  • LV1 Cert
  • Olympic Lifting Cert
  • Mobility Cert
  • Pendlay 1 & 2 Cert

I love Walt Disney World.

You’ll learn that about me. I love the feeling of walking down Main Street USA.

The buildings are designed in forced perspective. They are smaller on the top so it creates an illusion that you are walking down a street with buildings that are much taller than they are in reality. They do that so as to not block the view when you are at other attractions. You see, they want you to be completely immersed where you are. When you are on Main Street USA, you can’t see Space Mountain. It’s the early 1900’s. You ARE in Marceline, Missouri-Walt’s hometown.

They pipe in the smell of fresh-baked cookies, the sounds of economic progress and of families conversing. Total comfort for all of your senses. You hold your family’s hands and walk down the street. You’re a kid again.

When you cross over to Future World, you’re there. Gone are the horse drawn trolleys and striped awnings. You are an astronaut. An alien. An explorer. I could go on but no matter where you are at Walt Disney World, you are who you want to be at that very moment. Your troubles are lifted. It’s magic.

That’s what I love about CrossFit. It’s pretty much the same thing.

I am immersed in a world for AMRAP. I am Debra Cordner Carson for time. I am an athlete. A runner. A weightlifter. A gymnast. At least until I get in my car. Then I am probably headed to the grocery store.

See you there.

When I coach, I get to take your hand and lead you down my Main Street USA. I get to see you immerse yourself within this wonderful world of CrossFit. And we all walk away better people because of it. We are stronger physically, mentally. We are better parents, spouses and community members. We are athletes. We are bonded through our experiences. We become fast and immediate friends. Adults don’t really
do that but children do. They are not jaded by the circumstances of life, like adults.

At the Box, all the walls drop and we are whole again. We are unburdened by our problems. We are anything that we want to be. We are only limited by our own minds. When we leave the Box, we need to remember that.

I am the proud mom of a high school junior. She is my light. Her name is Sydney. I am a dual athlete who likes to compete as a masters NPC bikini competitor. I am a new resident of Springfield. I lived in West Plains, Missouri from 1994 until this past July.

I was Head Writer for CrossFit’s North Central Region for several years and administrated their Twitter account before the regions merged into Super regions. I have had the honor of working with our Games and regional athletes and I have been lucky enough to travel and see many boxes throughout our region.

What CrossFit Republic has captured is something special. It is Main Street USA. They have captured how you feel when you first start CrossFit and you get to relive that feeling every time you scan that card.

It is unique. It is something special. And I am so honored to be here.