Personal/Development Training

Schedule and Pricing

Personal/Development Training sessions can be scheduled at times that work for the individual. It is up to you how you use your time. For Development training, sessions are $1 a minute with a minimum of 20 minutes extended to as long as you need. These sessions are flexible and built for the client to not overpay for their sessions but rather pay to achieve their goals as needed, as our knowledgeable and passionate coaches lead you to success.

If Personal Training, single sessions start at $60/hr, but greatly discount if bought in bulk. $50/session for 12, and $45/session for 24. Athletes can either sign up for private sessions exclusively or participate in a combination of group classes and private sessions.

Outside of general personal training, our Development sessions are icing on the cake, as they are a great add-on to your Crossfit journey as you focus extra time on certain movements and lifts, to help you in your Crossfit workouts or achieve a personal goal you’ve been chasing! It can be tough find time or the knowledge to improve the “extras” during classes, and as we are focused on making better athletes at CFR, we offer Development Training!

Personal/Development Coaches

Come find out first-hand the difference in CrossFit Republic’s Personal Training Services. Our personal trainers are skilled in designing individualized programs for each client and creating a fun and challenging environment.

Sara Keatts

Personal Training
Development Training
Seniors (55+ athletes)

Rachel Reed

Development Training

Kristen Hook

Personal Training
Development Training

Landon Sullins

Development Training

Chris Crosby

Development Training
Olympic Lifting

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