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FitKids at CrossFit Republic!

CrossFit Republic FitKids is a 2x a week, ongoing fitness program designed to teach all kids good movement and keep them active and safe through a variety of fun activities, games and workouts, helping them become physically and mentally confident in their growing bodies.

Who is this open to: All kids in the area who want to be active and have while fun doing it. You do not have to be a CFR member to take part in this kids program

Start Date: Open year round. Class does cap so please call or message to check on any openings

Days: Wednesdays and Fridays

Time: 4:30-5:30PM Kindergarten – 2nd grade & 5:30-6:30PM 3rd grade – 5th grade

How long is class: Approximately 50 minute class, as the FitKid coaches will grab your kiddo from the childcare room and then take them back to the childcare room before the hour is over for pick up

Price: $50 a month for your first child while any other sibling will be discounted to $40

Cap per class: 16 kids (spots are consistently full or close to full. Please call or message to inquire on any openings)

How long is this program: It’s ongoing, year round! Constantly changing, interesting and fun, as the kids will consistently see results while learning new things and staying fit. We do ask for at least a 2 month commitment with your initial sign up, to give your kiddo a fair shot of seeing the ongoing results. It’s month to month after that.

How does it work: If you are a CFR member, simply take your kiddo to the childcare room where our FitKid coaches will grab them as well as bring them back 5 minutes before the hour is up. You may either go to the other side of the gym for your daily workout OR grab a seat in the bleachers and watch! If you are not a CFR member, you will just come in and take your kiddo to our childcare room as well, and feel free to watch in the bleachers or leave and come back before the hour is up!

To Sign Up

You may either call 417-732-5433, fill out the contact form on the website, or message the CFR Facebook Business Page! Can’t wait to teach your kids how an active lifestyle can be fun and also translate into their everyday activities outside of the gym!

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