CFR Feast Mode 5k! 8:30AM Class only! Happy Thanksgiving!


CFR Feast Mode 5k! 8:30AM Class only! Happy Thanksgiving!

Alright crew!   It’s Thanksgiving and we are going to start the morning with our CFR Family!

I hope this is a time of fun and blesses you like it blesses us to have you all, not just as members, but as a part of this big family of ours.

Have a great time today…

We are starting promptly at 8:30AM.  Here are the details!

  • If you want, two ways to donate! Check-In to CrossFit Republic for FREE on Facebook and use the hashtag #GiveMeals and #FeastMode5k, and each check in will donate a meal to someone in need, while CFR makes the monetary donation for you.
  • If you are able, bring some canned items as a donation to Ozarks Food Harvest!
  • Supplement Superstores will be at the event to support us and provide pre and post workout nutrition and supplements!

CFR Feast Mode 5k

500m Run
20 Kettlebell Swings
500m Row
20 Jumping Air Squats
500m Air Bike
20 Hand Release Pushups
500m Run
20 Overhead Plate Stationary Lunge
500m Row
20 Wall Balls
500m Bike
20 Box Jumps
500m Run
20 Ring Rows
500m Row
20 Abmat Situps
500m Bike
20 Burpees
500m Run
20 Thrusters w/ bar

*Notice the 500m intervals add up to be a 5k
*You will get to pick the weight and scaling option that works best for you for each movement
*If a rower or bike is not available during one of the 500m intervals, you have the choice of waiting until one opens up, OR immediately sub with another 500m run
*Kiddos not allowed on black mats during workout. Either outside or in childcare room please 🙂


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